The Art of Staying on Track of Your Success

The common belief is in order for you to stay on track you require discipline and focus. However, what our clients show is that this is only partly true. There is a hidden secret that enables you achieve your goals without letting circumstances or events get into your way.

It happens to the best of us: We find ourselves distracted by obstacles, outside events, and situations to which we need to respond. We might have had our goals all neatly set and our plans diligently designed, however, we get lost in our surroundings. Reality hits hard. Therefore, we need to find a new way to get back and to stay on track to achievement.

3 factors that make the difference

FACTOR #1: Do we REALLY want our goals?


If the answer is yes, we usually don't need a reminder to get back to them. Why? Because they are too important for us to lose them out of sight for a longer period of time. They are our priorities and we don't fail to accomplish them. Sometimes however, we set goals because we have seen others who are successful set them, and we copy them. We think these goals are what we SHOULD have, but there is no real or sustainable motivation behind them. That's when we don't care enough about these goals and other things easily distract us. It is important to decide on what YOU really want. Not what somebody else wants you to want. Not what somebody else has decided they want. You have to be in agreement with your own goals and really feel the urgency behind them.



FACTOR #2: Do you keep working on yourself?


It sounds cliché, but personal development is not a one-time event, we need a daily dose of it. Do you keep digesting positive and inspirational input? Or is your mind occupied with drama, tragedy, and problems? How you spend your time is how you spend your life. If you don't focus on the what you want and what you prefer - on the richness of this moment, odds are you focus on what you don't want. Usually, people are problem-centered. If we want to achieve more than mediocrity, then we need to take charge of our mind and deliberately feed it with productive, supportive, and encouraging thoughts and images. 



FACTOR #3: Do you take score too soon?


Impatience - this feeling of anxiously getting to a destination is the reason we hold ourselves stuck where we are. We need to focus on what we want and we need to ignore (yes!) outside circumstances to a certain degree. If we keep measuring and analyzing the AS-IS-Situation we don't move forward. For a little while on your success journey, you have to give the majority of your attention either to the positive side of where you are OR to where you want to go. If you focus on anything else you slow down your progress.

Let us know your obstacles and how you stay on track. Our clients from all around the globe achieve high-performance and high-quality results by taking part in the MB Inspirations journey. Don't miss out and contact us to assist you in growing your business - regardless of the circumstances.


 MB Inspirations is your trusted advisor to increase business performance especially in sales and leadership. We consult, train and coach companies and individuals strategically, systematically, and sustainably in order to continuously and never-endingly improve productivity.

Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A. is the founder of MB Inspirations and he works with businesses and organizations worldwide as a leading-edge business strategist, consultant and lecturer. Florian Dietzel, B.A. most recently joined the MBI-Team as Junior Sales Consultant to assist our clients. Please don’t hesitate and send us your questions, comments, and feedback to

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