The Underestimated Skill in Sales

What does success look like to you? Our coaching clients often stumble over this question. They do not know how to answer it, sometimes they become defensive. They argue they know what success looks like once they are there. However, that is one of the major pitfalls. A lot of trainers and teachers argue that success is not so much about where you go but about where you are and your relationship with that What-Is-ness. But let's get real for a moment: You want more, you want to have the BIG stuff, and you want to have the big success, so what can you do today, that brings you closer to it?

Success is simply a process

And a process is nothing but the transformation of something from a state A to a state B. Sometimes this can mean that we arrive at some destination and we have moved from a starting point. Sometimes this means we are still at the same place (physically) but with highly different features (for example a full bank account).


If we know that success is simply a process, in order to make this journey quantifiable, we need to define those states. Our clients usually have not problem whatsoever with defining their current situation. And that's their downfall. They are all caught up in their current circumstances, how they came to be, and who to blame for them. One of the keys to mastering this process of success is to take a good look at your current situation - but on the side of strengths and assets. What pleases you now? What brought you success in the past? Who do you know you consider to be successful. Too few salespeople and executives ask these questions but they can open doors where previously were only walls.


The next part is defining state B. When was the last time you let your fantasy and your imagination run rampant? When did you just create an image in your mind that pleased you in every way? I bet it has been a while. Usually, we get caught up in responding to critical situations, we deal with our current reality, but we don't use our creative abilities. And doing that is almost all that is required.

How to Visualize Effectively

You don't have to do it over long period of times (although it can help to have a longer session in which you dream about what you truly want once in a while.) However, we recommend that you do it every now and then for a minute or two. That enables you to get your juices flowing.


The goal here is NOT to achieve or accomplish tasks, not even to overcome problems. If you do it because you want to get rid of your current situation, you hold yourself back. The goal of visualizing is to bring you in a BETTER EMOTIONAL STATE. If you feel better, you perform at a higher level of all of your tasks. If you keep reaching for a better feeling state, you will become successful.


Create a scene in your mind that is pleasant. Give it a setting, make it as palpable and tangible as you can. Go over your five senses. What do you see/hear/smell/taste/touch? Make it as pleasant as you can. And then hold that feeling for a little bit more than a minute. And then get out.


That's it. That's the exercise that will bring you closer to your PREFERRED State, because you train your subconscious mind with all your talents and hidden abilities to prepare and to execute the transformation to this state.


Try it for yourself, have fun with it and enjoy the process. 

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