Empathic Selling - the Art of Letting the Sale happen

Selling is like magic. I don't mean the art of illusion and tricking someone else's mind, that is everything but magic. I talk about true magic. Nothing happens until somebody sells something. To take this almost to a spiritual understand, selling is about the exchange of energy between two beings. That's it. If you can learn to dance with somebody you can learn how to sell. Because after all, selling (and buying) are fundamental elements in human nature. How to become so good at it that others stand there viewing you in awe that's what we're going to discuss here.

The Blessing and Curse of Empaths

Empaths are those who are able to sense (quite intensely I might add) the feelings and sensations of the people around them. They are able to completely understand how a person is in a given moment -  they GET them. Now, usually this helps them to be good listeners and to say exactly what the other person might need or resonates with in any given moment. However, many empaths struggle with their sensitivity because they have never learned how to guide that power to something productive or to be able to manage different people.


In sales, we all want to become empaths. We know about the power of understanding clients and customers. We want to find ways in which we influence and connect better. Only then can we argue better, serve better, and present in a more effective way the benefits and advantages our offerings have to our clients. We become better at serving and providing value. That's the point of true selling.


Please note that we talk about making an ethically good sale. If you believe in your product or service it is your right to argue for the sale and to guide prospects to a beneficial choice. Hereby neither trickery nor manipulation have their place. If by the end of your conversation the result is that the best thing to do is not to buy, then that is a good result, too.

3 Steps to train your empathic abilities

1. Listen carefully.

Only if you are able to take in - not only with your ears but with your heart - everything the other person IS, in this moment, you begin to see more and you broaden your perception of others. Nuances of mood changes become apparent. Fears and worries become visible. You can see if a person relaxes and takes a step forward to action or away from it.


2. Project yourself in someone else's shoes

How do they view the world. Imagine quite physically how would the world look like from their perspective. Try to carry their baggage, their weight, their hopes and dreams for a moment. Let all of it affect you and simply feel it. That's how you can develop not only a better understanding of others but you also learn compassion, tolerance, and most importantly, relaxed and optimistic patience for others.


3. Let go of judgements

There may be a myriad of reasons why we live the way we choose to live and we fall easily into the habit of judging and condemning those who don't fall into the category we choose. But rather than sabotaging your own success by fighting a hopeless battle take on the attitude of live and let live. Let others choose what they choose and be okay with it. Mind your own business and choose what you want - but let everybody else off the hook. That may be the biggest part in successfully connecting with others. They may be good people in their own world, but you can't appreciate them if you disagree with what they do.


These steps lead you to become empathic. If you become empathic you stop being the enforcer or maker of sales, but you start to guide towards sales. You become the trusted advisor in the truest meaning of the word. That's mastery.

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Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A. is the founder of MB Inspirations and he works with businesses and organizations worldwide as a leading-edge business strategist, consultant and lecturer. Florian Dietzel, B.A. most recently joined the MBI-Team as Junior Sales Consultant to assist our clients. Please don’t hesitate and send us your questions, comments, and feedback to service@mbinspirations.com.

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